Who Thinks…? What are Thoughts….? Where do they come FROM….?

Have I tickled your fancy, peeked your interest and grabbed your attention.  Todays post is the exploration of our thoughts.  What are they….? Where do they come from…? And ultimately Who is Thinking…?

What we have discovered so far is that all energy is Consciousness, “Consciousness” means, literally, con scire, to know with or to know together.  It is not an individual/separate experience through Naval Gazing; we are all drops from the same ocean so to speak.

So if this is said to be true then what are thoughts?, and where do they come from….? If everything in the universe is made up of energy and all energy is consciousness then thoughts would be experienced as resonance; which would be best described as a very subtle sense of sound.  If thought is a subtle sense of sound, the next logical question would be who creates the sounds, music, symphony and experience of our reality?

Okay now don’t throw stones at me for what I’m about to write as this might trigger you into a frenzy of WHATS!!!! From my understanding of the whole process this is how it unfolds.

All thoughts, energy or Consciousness as we know it comes from Universal Consciousness, the human experience then like an antennae receives these subtle senses of sounds and synthesizes them through our belief systems of what we know to be true governed by our own innate awareness. This is where it becomes a little muddled because we are essentially not ourselves; well the mass majority anyway.  We are the masks of projections and preprogrammed behaviors that were determined by our mothers and fathers since our conception and fetal development in-uteri (please refer to previous post on Becoming a Conscious Parent Archetypes developing within the womb).  So what does this mean exactly…..

Well depending on how your mother found herself in her environment and what was going on from a global consciousness perspective at the time of her pregnancy (decade influence) and what her emotional relationship to your father was like during this pregnancy and what your fathers resonance Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually towards you within the womb was like would henceforth predetermine your behavior and belief systems, as if this wasn’t enough, up until 4 years old these were cemented in with statements like “ah isn’t he beautiful”, “what a gorgeous girl you are”, “you have a beautiful smile” etc.

This is where the mix up comes in because its the synthesis part of the subtle senses of sound which interprets the signal received from Universal Consciousness and because we have a preprogrammed set of parameters this often becomes misinterpreted; very similar to the broken telephone concept. So what initially starts off as a Yes for example from Universal Consciousness goes through our predetermined parameters and we end up interpreting the signal as a MAYBE or NO. Are you still with me….?

So let’s review, we know that thoughts are subtle senses of sound that come from Universal Consciousness, So essentially we don’t think at all, WE OBSERVE, we synthesize, interpret or misinterpret the world around us; due to what our predetermined sets of behavior or belief systems are, and therefore perceive reality or creation around us as a mirror of our internal state of being.

William Blake said:-

“If the Doors of Perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite”

Food for thought INDEED!


2 Comments on “Who Thinks…? What are Thoughts….? Where do they come FROM….?

  1. I would like to disagree with your statement that we don’t think at all; That we are merely observers, acting and reacting to stimuli around us due to a social programming received early in our childhood. Yes, that is kind of true. I would say that statement would have been accurate for human beings about 40 000 years ago. One of the few reason we aren’t extinct as a species already: is because we developed imagination. We became able to think ahead and to imagine ourselves in different realities. With that ability we could begin to literally manipulate our environment around us to suit our needs, albeit for good or bad. Without that we wouldn’t even be able to perceive of a universal consciousness. I would say that all knowledge is universal, and we are perfect devices to receive, decode, translate and transmit that energy. Consciousness is our relationship to that information. Misinformation is the lack of a common purpose, which human beings sadly do not have yet.

  2. Most people are being herded and don’t think their own thoughts.
    If you see someone smoking, drinking alcohol or taking drugs, it’s
    because that person hasn’t learned how to think. Even Einstein,
    despite his intelligence, would drug himself with nicotine by puffing
    on a pipe. That means Einstein didn’t know how to think, except
    in his limited area of expertise.

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