Community; an easy way to improve our Relationships!

“In the quiet hours when we are alone and there is nobody to tell us what fine fellows we are, we come sometimes upon a moment in which we wonder, not how much money we are earning nor how famous we have become, but what good we are doing.”            — A.A. Milne

When each of us considers our community we think about the people in our neighborhoods, our healthcare practices, our place of business, our city, the groups we belong to, our child’s school community, and the people we create space with, however, there is a deeper meaning to all of this and as the Macro-cosmic view of our universe reflects the Micro-cosmic aspects of our health it is important to start the shift towards a new paradigm.

This article is written with the intent that you as the reader already acknowledge that your internal state of wellbeing will reflect your external environmental circumstances and how your relationship with your environment will determine what your relationship with yourself(mind, body and spirit) is like.

The Community Within

We can also consider the community within.  In the neighborhood community of your organs, perhaps your liver is the neighborhood organizer who also occasionally yells at the kids when they pass by on their walk home from school. Our heart throws the block parties, while our kidneys advocate for speed bumps on the streets and our spleen quietly keeps a watchful eye on everything that goes on from behind the crack in the curtains.

Our Community Matrix

Which communities do you dedicate your time to improving? I know as BodyTalk™ Practitioners that our community matrix likely extends far beyond our own city or neighborhood limits. We see clients in person or by distance. We send them love and compassion in times of need, and open our hearts and hold a space for them to heal, recognize what their life can feel like when lived from the heart, and we are there to observe shifts taking place for their very highest good. Through our healing work and by seeking within, we all contribute to our community’s subconscious and consciousness vibration.

Global Effects

We’ve all heard the phrase that was first reportedly coined by David Brower, founder of Friends of the Earth: “Think Globally. Act Locally.” Never have these words seemed as important as they are now. This is a year where we’ve seen countless international disasters, have a healthcare political battle underway in the US and have seen some of the craziest weather across the world in remembered times. This time, more than ever – the world needs that space that we as consciousness-based practitioners and people can offer.

What can you Do….?

As the old guard try desperately to hold onto the past perspective of control and prepare to resist the change that is already in full swing we find ourselves asking…. “What may I do about this situation and what part can I play?”  This is actually very simple.  All you have to do is change your perspective around giving!

The ad-age saying of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” requires drastic shifts.

Most of us  do things for others or give through conditions or attachment; even toxic thoughts follow good deeds; in order to flip this world on its head we require to be actively involved in the changes to our feelings, thinking and our actions.

How many times have you ignored the person begging at your car window, how many times have you not given to someone because you feel they’ll spend it on booze or drugs, how many times have you done something for somebody expecting something in return or on a conditional basis….?

And when you have given in these reflections how many times have you added toxic thoughts to that giving…? “He’ll probably just spend it on glue, drink or drugs” or my favorite “Get a proper job!”

What have you recently done for the environment you live in, for planet earth, the last time you planted a tree in your community, fed someone on the street,  gave somebody shelter, looked after or spoke to a street child offering guidance and support.  These being more valuable than just throwing money.

This beautiful blue planet reflects the unconscious thoughts and beliefs of its inhabitants. This means if we change our paradigm about giving we begin to change our very existence.

So how do we do this…? Give from your heart, build a relationship with your community, GIVE because it feels good, it is GOOD to give, take yourself and your ego out of the equation and don’t expect anything in return, give without condition, give without attachment, acknowledge someone that you usually wouldn’t.  Change your perspective, we live in a world of abundance and one with many fruits, it’s our own ego and point of view that fogs the windows of our perception.  Imagine what our World would look like if everyone just gave a little and shared a little, what would we create then?

Be the Change you want to see in the World – Ghandi


2 Comments on “Community; an easy way to improve our Relationships!

  1. Really loved this post.. Been thinking about giving and abundance a lot lately, as well as the ‘think global, act local’ angle. Nice one, Jus.

    PS – J mentioned something about a doc? Was all a bit jumbled as he left, but this is my mail address xX

    • Hey ML that’s great! Thinking about it is a perfect start towards shifting your beliefs around giving, the leap forward from here is in starting small and impacting large; you’ll notice how you just won’t be able to stop, for instance, washing someone else’s dish from a place of unconditionally giving, no attachment and no toxic thoughts and let it flow from there. There’s all sorts of subtle ways to initiate the “spin” sorry have to squeeze my physics in somewhere 😉 if you have any ideas feel free to post.

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