Why so BLESSED…?

It often occurs to me that being a BodyTalk Practitioner is the most fulfilling experience of my life; you see it’s not about what we get but what we Receive instead; this might sound similar but is in-fact very different.  To “get” something implies somebody giving you something, yet, what we Receive as Practitioners is so much more. You see words fail at every attempt to describe the Feeling you get when you Observe somebody heal, the Joy on their face, the Release of tension in their Body, Mind and Spirit where before all hope of recovery was lost.

Over the past month I have seen an explosion of what I can only describe as Miraculous Healings where there were no invasive surgeries, no pills were swallowed and no beings were harmed during the observation of these experiences. I have witnessed a young male with Erectile Dysfunction able to enjoy fulfilling sexual experiences again and who now has a baby on the way! A woman with a 9 month frozen shoulder getting only temporary relief elsewhere Receive a 70% Improvement in range of motion, pain and flexibility in one session and its Permanent.  Watching in amazement as Emotions that have been pent up for decades in the body wash out and release; experience a Lightness of Being that simply words cannot describe; I received confirmation from a client in Switzerland who has been struggling to fall pregnant for 3 years and who subsequently has been depressed and stagnant make a complete turn around in Attitude, Perspective and Life…. Stay tuned for this one as the unexpected may well happen….

But the highlight for me this month came in the witnessing of a woman with sciatica; which has been an on-going experience since the age of 11 or 12 as she briefly recalled to me. She was finding her daily activities like walking, moving, sleeping and sitting difficult.  This was only her second appointment and the pain had already completely disappeared out of the Lumber region of her spine and all that existed currently was a dull pain in the back of her leg.   Hopefully she’ll be exercising in the next 2 months and is due back in treatment in 6 weeks for a tensegrity fascia release; SO excited to see where this goes.

There are just so many of these Incredible experiences, which is exactly why I am Blessed! And those that have found BodyTalk Feel Blessed and are Living Wellness as they Understand the Wisdom and miraculous Potential of their own Innate Wisdom to Self Heal.


2 Comments on “Why so BLESSED…?

  1. I would like to say that i met Justin in Cape Town in April (2011) and took an instant liking to him.
    He is obviously a man of real integrity. And having heard what he is doing, i would like to say that you cant go wrong in finding out more about what he has to offer.
    Justin…..good job!!
    Love from Gavin

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