Growth Vs Protection! What is your Perception…?


For quite some time now one of my favorite subjects has been the arena of Epigenetic Biology and Unified-Physics; simply put, it is how our interaction and perceptional beliefs of our environment will impact upon our Cellular Biology and the resulting DNA along with it.  Epigenetic ‘s means that we are no longer at the mercy of our genes and that we are NOT destined to fall into the same genetic conundrum as our forefathers.  THANK THE UNIVERSE!

With the latest published findings of Nassim Haramein and Dr Bruce Lipton the Cell has been found to exist at the event horizon; making the human experience an expanding, contracting explosion of creation and destruction, very similar to black/white holes found at the center of every single galaxy in the known Universe.  It only takes a moment to observe our environment to see this exchange of information happening in every moment.  Which makes each human being a SUPER MAGNET for either experience.

But there is a secret to your or more correctly OUR Evolution and that is simply, the cell.  We can learn most about our universe from the trillions of cells that comprise the Human Body/Mind complexity but currently of most importance, we should recognize that a single cell or community of cells like that which is made up of humanity, is only ever in one of two states at any given moment; those “states” being either Growth or Protection.

 This means that your interaction with the environment from an observational perspective is either one of Growth Perception or one of Protective Perception.

Growth and Protection represent energy expending work that is necessary for survival.  Over the course of human history, there has been a gradual yet steadily increasing imbalance in the energy expenditures allotted for growth versus that spent on protection.  Psychologists recognize that similar imbalances in the  body’s energy distribution represents a primary cause of disease and death.

Protective Perceptions

Protective Perceptions are generated from an emotional state of Fear; when you are plagued by the ongoing phobias, threats, stresses, lifestyle toxins and habitual negative thinking and an unhealthy relationship with yourself and hence your environment; energy resources then directly compromise energy reserves required to sustain health and growth, over time this will create physical and psychological symptoms resulting in disease. A Protection perception is self serving and naturally destroys its environment.

Growth Perceptions

Growth Perceptions are focused on generating the feelings of Bliss, Harmony and come from a place of Balance; laughter and forgiveness of ourself play a big role here too as we begin to transcend our self limiting thoughts and belief systems.  Growth is about being open, transparent and flexible; where the focus is not on me vs. you, us vs them but instead ‘Oneness’ where more Energy is netted for the whole system and not just one nation, race, color or creed but for all men, woman and children, beast, insect, mammal and plant.  A Growth perception is Radiance and naturally grows other systems without force.

What state of predominant perception are you consciously or unconsciously focused on…?


7 Comments on “Growth Vs Protection! What is your Perception…?

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  2. “Growth and Protection represent energy expending work that is necessary for survival. Over the course of human history, there has been a gradual yet steadily increasing imbalance in the energy expenditures allotted for growth versus that spent on protection.” So env overrides? Or do genes adapt? Seems like the 2 forces act trying to be mutually exclusive of the other. Do the adaptations made for survival render a less optimal evolutionary progress being thusly diverted? Does env and relative need for survival inhibit evolution and how would evolution take a different course with this misspent energy not so applied?

    • @ Carl Yes the two forces are mutually exclusive for instance you can’t take a step forward and backward at the same time, with a cell in a petri dish if you put nutrients in front of the cell it will open and accept the information and if you put a toxin in front of it, it will close down; the environment doesn’t inhibit evolution it’s our perception and our interaction that does that. It is not enough to just survive that is where Darwinism and the law of the Jungle got it all wrong, us vs them, survival of the fittest and all that. All in all genes adapt to their environmental switches. It is not enough just to survive humanity requires an (r)evolution to Thrive!

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