Tolerance, Respect, Love (A Journey to Compassion)

It is well known within the field of epigenetics that genes only count for 25% of disease, the other 75% arises from the environment; simply meaning that it is environmental influences that control RNA/DNA, genetic and cellular expressions.  Which translates that 75% of our disease is due to our interaction/response to our environment and our perception of self.

Therefore in order to transcend 75% of diseases and self limiting beliefs that exist within the apparent separation of Self we require the knowledge and understanding that we are all unique, that every being has had a unique experience and perspective or point of view of life, therefore, no two beings process, express, project and gather information in the same manner, they may have the same bounded infinite potential but will make different choices depending on experience of life, culture and upbringing.

Having understanding of this will lead one towards tolerance of one an others unique choices and behaviours.

When we accept (free of the attachment to- blame or control) the choices and behaviours of others we allow respect for each beings journey towards Self-Realization and Radiance to unfold.  We move away from the need to protect ourselves and allow growth to take its place.

Once Respect is maintained; without the egoic need to correct or influence another beings choices or experience of Life, Love begins to enter the heart and Radiate Compassion and Empathy.

When we allow this process to take place and become vulnerable and transparent we will begin to transcend the apparent 75% separation and self-contraction of our attachment to our “stories” and begin to radiate unconditional Love; thereby transforming the collective unconscious pattern of projection away from disease and towards Harmony, Equilibrium and Oneness.

Conflict within the environment of both external and internal experience arises as a gift and opportunity to change a pattern of behaviour or limiting belief system of the illusion of separation; allowing a higher state of vibration to occur and a radical shift towards Oneness and Radiance this is provided the Awareness of the conflict is gained without prejudice, control or blame.

When the old pattern is acknowledged, accepted, released and disassociated a clearer presence and awareness is experienced.

Try it!


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