The Over-Reaction Button and the Beauty of Conflict!

In a world where we are constantly in a state of parasympathetic overload and overstimulation; where our senses are constantly being bombarded with sounds, advertising and the general business of a fast paced world, there seems to be a never ending string of things we have to achieve, accomplish or measure up too.  But what happens when people disrupt our flow, block our path or just simply push our buttons?  What is really going on and why is this happening? Why is life sometimes-just crap? And why did that bird have to poop on MY windshield?  We may just have some of the answers below so take a few moments to make sense of how you may improve your life, your environment and make a change that will allow more harmony and balance to return.

As dynamic beings we observe and process through our senses which provides us with vital feedback coming from our environment, the information is then processed through our brain which ultimately has 3 parts associated with it; our Reptilian Brain which is autonomous and regulates our unconscious functioning; breathing, heart-rate, circulation, organ and endocrine functioning etc. Our Cortex brain, which allows us to plan, problem solve and have selective attention, insight and foresight; and contains our judgements and inhibitions. Now finally our Limbic Brain which is primarily responsible for our deepest emotions of fear, rage, pain and pleasure, our reactions to punishment, it records memories of objects and events as facts and is the meeting place of the conscious and subconscious mind; this is where all the fun happens.

The Conscious mind, our best friend, the mind that holds all of our dreams and desires; the problem solver and time traveller.  Able to travel into the past to retrieve memories, it’s able to project into the future and enables us to think. Then we get the Subconscious Mind, the one that has all the recorded programs stored and downloaded onto it, very much like an iPod has songs on it, only these songs don’t belong to your playlist as they’re not yours!  What’s that you say? If they’re not my songs and recorded programmes then whose songs are they?

Well when you were born your Conscious Mind had not developed yet, in fact, up until the age of about 7 all it was doing was downloading programmes or songs from its environment. What your parents were saying? Doing? What were the stresses in their environments? What were their Belief Systems? What were the Belief Systems of that era? It knows no attachments, no right and wrong nor good and bad; your subconscious mind recorded these songs for 7 years.  Then when your individuality started to develop around 9 and you began to develop a consciousness of your own and gained some more belief systems from your mentors, your teachers and what society deemed socially acceptable.

Then as you grew older your dreams and desires evolved but the songs and playlist of the Sub-Conscious Mind and its belief systems didn’t.

What most don’t realize is that their relationship with their environment is 95% sub-conscious and 5% conscious, which means that 95% of your life is not inline with your dreams and desires (unless you had very conscious parents) because the minute your Conscious Mind focuses on a problem, travels into the past or looks into or tries to plan the future it takes you out of the present moment and opens the flood gates to all the unconscious belief systems and playlists that are stored at the level of your Sub-conscious Mind and when our environment does not match one of those belief systems or programmes we over-react and more often than not our over-reaction has nothing to do with the circumstance surrounding why our buttons got pushed in the first place.  Now remember folks an over-reaction can be an under-reaction too.  An example of this would be the favourite “What’s wrong…?”, “Nothing” response.  Now the Juice!

When you have an Over-Reaction it produces a stress response in the body, your Limbic Brain (emotional brain) activates your Reptilian brain (autonomous) and at this point you can say goodbye to any sense of Conscious activity as cortisol and adrenaline are released enabling your fight or flight motors; this sends energy away from the Visceral Organs (these are important) to your legs, arms and heart to increase the flow of blood and oxygen to run or fight, your subconscious mind will then take a snap shot of the smells, sights, environment and store it for future reference re-enforcing the behavioural pattern and belief system as a subconscious pattern. So why is this Beautiful I hear you asking?

Well because when this happens if you can maintain awareness it gives you insight into where your unconscious and subconscious belief patterns are not serving your dreams and desires giving you an opportunity for growth instead of protection, by replacing the belief system we can influence and change; we can get the conscious mind and the subconscious mind to be on the same page and we begin to see our dreams and desires manifesting in our environment.  The more conflict we experience the more opportunity there is for Growth, Self-Development and Transformation. Now that’s Beautiful!


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