Have some Heart!

Modern science has regarded the heart for many decades as just a pump, but recent research conducted by the Doctors at the HeartMath™ institute have evidence that this is not the hearts only function; proving yet again that the old wives tales of “To thy own heart be true”, “Follow your heart” or “Listen to your heart not your head” and all the others like these have more meaning to us now than ever before and could mean the difference between a good life and indeed an early grave.

So other than regulating blood flow and supply what else does this mighty organ do for us; well firstly it is not really fair to call the heart an organ anymore as it has Neurological transmitters like that of your brain and releases hormones like an endocrine gland which makes it one of the most overlooked parts of our biology!

So let’s explore these new discoveries a little further to make certain our new knowledge leads to understanding and hopefully a little wisdom.

Remember the last time you were in love, so in love nothing could bring you down, otherwise known as the honeymoon effect; where you weren’t tired, lazy and couldn’t wait to get out of bed in the morning… or tried your hardest to stay in bed all morning, where you didn’t think things over or rationalise you just acted out of love, this is mainly due to a hormone called Oxytocin (otherwise known as the Love Drug) and concentrations as high as those found in the brain have been produced by the heart; Oxytocin also helps us in adaption, cognition and maternal bonding; even learning complex social cues.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the Heart controls our Spirit; our deepest knowing and synthesis of life; our Joy or Pathologically our Depression.  Neurological transmitters leave the heart and communicate with the brain in fact the hearts’ nervous system has about 40,000 neurons that sense heart rate and pressure, circulating hormones and neurochemicals these are translated into neurological impulses and are sent from the heart to the brain, so in fact information comes from the heart first and then the brain corresponds.  These signals also have a role to play in our perception, decision-making and other cognitive processes.  So the Heart is in fact responsible for the entire Resonance of our bodymind complex and stores 10, 000 times more information than your brain does making it a supercomputer so in fact the Heart is an Organ, Endocrine and a Brain!

Numerous experiments have now demonstrated the heart communicates information relative to our emotional states (as reflected in patterns of heart rate variability) and it has been proven that Anger, Worry and Anxiety significantly increase the risk of heart disease and sudden cardiac death!  Dr Eysenck at the University of London has found that chronic unmanaged emotional stress is six times more predictive of Cancer and Heart Disease than cigarette smoking or blood pressure however the good news is, its much more responsive to intervention.

So the next time you would like to know something, sit quietly and drop the thought out of your head and down into your heart, the resonance and response will never be wrong; listen to your heart, if you’re having an emotional over-reaction stop, breathe, count to 100 and read our previous article on the over reaction button, then, sit quietly and listen to what your heart has to say; it will never lie to you! It could mean the difference between a great loving life or an early grave.

Our Treatments at infiniteWELLNESS can help to undo the emotional damage and subconscious programming and encourage you to find your balance again, if you’d like to know more please visit out Treatment page to find out how we can lead you along your path towards infiniteWELLNESS.


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