LifePrint Level I


Course Structure and Outline:

In these 4 Level experiential courses you will venture down a path of self discovery becoming familiar with your inner most being; why you make the choices you do and why you repeat the same patterns of behaviour throughout your life. LifePrint – The Connectome of Life is ultimately about YOU!

Everybody comes into this life with a toolbox so to speak, understanding how to use these tools is paramount in understanding what we are here to do, our purpose and what our strengths and challenges are.

Understanding what your unique gifts, tools and challenges are is an integral part and process of our self development and understanding of Life.

This course developed by Justin Furness will entail teachings from some of the greatest minds the world has known from Carl Jung, Douglas Forbes to Nassim Haramein and Bruce Lipton; both old and new. The system is based on ancient teachings and modern science, mathematics, sacred geometry and neuroscience; mind, body and spirit all play an integral part of our genetic make up.

Being able to map our path through life gives us knowledge and ultimately power to foresee challenges, movement and opportunities.  It is up to each individual to allow tolerance, respect and love for each other’s processing as we are all different yet have a collective consciousness and are fast moving toward the next step in our evolution.

This course will give you intimate knowledge of yourself, your ability to process information, express yourself, project towards others and gather information. How you receive information from Universal Consciousness your Higher Self Consciousness and the synthesis’ of information before you interpret it through your brain.

LifePrint will equip you to better understand your partner, children, and family giving you tolerance for their processing styles and help you to understand their choices and behaviour in the most dynamic way possible; thereby giving you the best method to help guide them along their path through life.

After this course you will never look at anybody the same again.

Welcome to LifePrint – The Connectome of Life, a journey into understanding who you REALLY are and ultimately into what you ARE becoming.

LIFEPRINT Level I – The Physical Consciousness

  • Basic Concepts Jung, Forbes and Haramein
  • Wrong Dates
  • Energy basics yin/yang male/female and masculine/feminine
  • Fetal Programming, Unification, Separation and Birth into Duality
  • Duality macrocosmic/microcosmic, Active/Reactive, Physical/Higher-Self Consciousness
  • The Human Processing Capacity
  • Active and Reactive Behavior
  • Consciousness defined through behavior and nature
  • Wounds and Conflict
  • Sacred Geometry Basics
  • Root Numbers in relation to behavior
  • Life Cycles of the human being
  • Physical Consciousness Calculation and Formula
  • Class Demonstration of Symmetry and Projection

After Level I –

The student will be able to do basic personality analysis on their family, friends, collegues and themselves; mostly the initial course is there for you to delve deeper into your own psyche and become aware of your Active and Reactive behaviour, where you are in your life and how to make the most of the Energies available to you.


3 Comments on “LifePrint Level I

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  2. Good day Justin

    My name is Hawa, i have done the body talk fundamental 1 in south africa with Morag Bromfield!
    I am very interested in doing the lofe print course, ar there any pre-requisites?
    When will you be hosting a class in south africa, Durban again?!
    Many of my friends have conpleted the course and i find it life changing esp having used it on myself during body talk sessions as a client!!

    I look foreard to hearing from you soon
    Many thanks

    • Hi Hawa

      Thank you for connecting and sharing your interest in our Seminars. Currently there are only Seminars planned for end of July in Johannesburg. Feel free to contact Tracy Lester she is my Co-Ordinator in SA

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