LifePrint Level II


LIFEPRINT LEVEL II – Deep Diving and Advancing Calculations

  • Calculation of Archetypes
  • Advanced Consciousness Behavioral Concepts
  • Advanced Senses and descriptions
  • Archetypal Calculations and Definitions
  • Solo Elements
  • Absent Elements
  • Calculating Paths of Consciousness and Cycles within Cycles
  • Advanced Pairing of Senses and Development
  • Groups of Senses
  • Facilitation
  • Synergies Relationships and Business

After Level II –

The student will be able to calculate the LifePrint Archytype illustrating whether a person is right brained dominant, left brain dominant or balanced in both the expression and the internal processing, this will then determine the overview of how a personality perceives the world just like the lens of a camera determines the angle and depth of the picture.  The Student will also learn about combinations of Senses, pairs and quadrants and what happens when there are Solo or Absent Elements in the Matrix.  The student will also be able to calculate the Year, Month and Daily energies of the Life Cycles and understand how they relate to their LifePath.  Furthermore we will learn how to construct a synergy for either personal relationships, family or developing teams within businesses.


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