Seminar Testimonials


If you are interested in taking any of the LifePrint Seminars but are still unsure…
Watch to see what our previous students have had to say…

Lindsay Maurice CBP, London, Ontario, Canada
So I had the amazing opportunity to spend the last two weekends learning LifePrint with Justin Damian Furness, a system that is so powerful. Helping people connect within, understanding themselves on a whole new level and with a compassionate lense.
This system blends beautifully with BodyTalk and in time I will be offering combo sessions. I am so excited to see the potential for others grow, as mine has been blown out of the water coming out of these seminars.
💓💓 so excited and grateful for this amazing experience

Christine Conradie CBP and SABA(SA BodyTalk Association) President
Life changing lesson #1 learnt on LifePrint -The Connectome of Life Course with Justin Damian Furness…. We are all unquestionably unique except for one thing, the infinite potential inside every one of us. To compare ourselves to others and try live in a world and society that dictates and judges us is not only ludicrous but detrimental to our very existence…. So blessed to have recieved a life changing session with Justin Damian Furness in Day 2 of the mind blowingly awesome LifePrint Course. Never have I reacted so strongly and felt so awesome afterwards!!! Transformation and healing at its max! Seminar Facilitation Integrating Higher-Self Consciousness… So sad LifePrint II the Connectome of Life Course with Justin Damian Furness has come to an end! Highly recommend this course to everyone wanting to change their lives! Justin, Tracy Jay Lester and Taryn Bruwer we simply must arrange next year’s course dates ASAP! !!
Christine Conradie SABA(South African BodyTalk Association) President

Tracy J Lester CBP:
It is not an everyday occurrence that you receive information that changes your perception of the universe AND you are gifted with the tools that can change the lives and vibrations of people who cross your path. For the last two weeks I have been privileged to have been gifted with such knowledge and wisdom. Thank you Justin for your dedication and phenomenal wisdom which you shared unconditionally with is. We have grown exponentially and are changed forever. To my fellow seekers, I am in awe of your amazing unbounded potential, thank you for sharing your all.

Shenaaz Khan CBP:

This course was mostly for me. A personal growth. I got to know myself better. I can now tolerate, love, & respect others for who they are & myself for who I am. I feel that now I am in a better space to help others. Thank you sooooo much Justin. My soul needed this.

Madge Wulfsohn:

Participating in Justin’s LifePrint I & II courses has been like going on a magic carpet ride: it has taken me to unexpected and fascinating places and has been a learning curve of note. Viva Justin!

















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