Fascial Energetic Release


Our bodies store unresolved emotions, active memory, belief systems, consciousness, environmental triggers, and fears and phobias within the fascial system.

5 Ways BodyTalk Fascial Balancing Can Benefit You

• Quantum physics tells us that our prime system of communication is electromagnetic in nature running through the fascial system in a random and very rapid nature. Releasing restrictions within the fascial system removes obstacles to communication at the physiologic, energetic and electromagnetic levels thus improving health and efficiency of function.

• I have developed a better understanding of how physical injury, emotions, active memory, beliefs systems, consciousness, environmental triggers, fears and phobias can distort the fascia creating stored patterns of dysfunction that spread throughout the body.

•  My clients realise how fascia becomes distorted, how it can affect posture, range of motion, body tension, and pain and, can form barriers to the movement of circulation, energy and neural flow thus affecting general function and overall health of the body.

• Firstly I evaluate the 5 Zones of the body (the cranium, anterior torso, posterior torso, upper and lower extremities) for fascial dysfunctions using both an intuitive and manual full-body scan.

• Clients will discover that traditional Fascial Release classes teach standard protocols which may not be effective in all cases. BodyTalk Fascial Balancing utilises my skills as a BodyTalk practitioner to determine the priority, the orientation, the areas it may influence and the optimal approach to release the pattern of fascial tension


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