The Story of LifePrint 

In 2006 and 2007 Justin was mentored and had the privilege of studying under Douglas Forbes the creator and founder of the Human Pincode system and later qualified as a practitioner and instructor teaching Human Pincode Workshops around South Africa before finding BodyTalk and qualifying as a certified practitioner in 2008. As Justin’s practice evolved he discovered the work of self taught physicist Nassim Haramein and his initial 4 DVD set Crossing the Event Horizon but it wasn’t until attending a specialised course on Finding Health where the Founder of the BodyTalk System John Veltheim presented Nassim’s work and it’s application in healthcare that the penny really dropped so to speak and it was during this seminar that Justin received what may only be described as a download of the missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. Justin then spent the next 5 years researching, in deep meditation (using a method called Mindscape) and studying personally with Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.DKen Wilber, Marshall Lefferts, Marco Rodin and has completed the Delegate Program Unified Physics 6 week online training with The Resonance Project Academy and expanded on the formulas to what is now known today as LifePrint -The Connectome of Life; a scientific, mathematical and geometric formula that reflects the unified physics model and the structure of spacetime/spacememory expressed by Nassim Haramein and the research being completed at the The Resonance Project where Justin continues to be a Contributing and Delegate member. The LifePrint System is therefore a Unified model that calculates the Personal Blueprint and Torsion field of both active and reactive behaviour traits that is fundamental to a persons experience of life. The LifePrint System maps the flow of energy/information/consciousness coming from and returning to the zero-point field/vacuum both through the Physical Consciousness and the Higher-Self Consciousness mapping ones personal potential both in an Active and a Reactive state. The accuracy of the system is reflected in the numerous testimonials and videomonials of course participants and clients that Justin has Coached and Facilitated over the past 7 years. The proof is not in the pudding but in the tasting, come join us and discover your potential today!

The Philosophy

LifePrint: The Connectome of Life is quite simple; everything in the Universe follows the same recurring pattern, from the smallest scale to the largest scale, we are all connected.  Everything goes from a state of “seeming” Separation to (Self-Realized) Unification and the entire universe is Resonance and all is connected through Space.

At the smallest scales are fractals; in fact we live in a fractal holographic  universe, light packets of information are encoded into protons which feed into our hearts and cycle through our belief systems hoping to make it into our consciousness to guide us towards fulfilling our destiny.

Each day that passes has a Unique Resonance associated with it, that Resonance will never repeat itself again; when you are born you inherit this unique resonating frequency and it holds the key to your Connectome(Connectomics); a unique Potential or set of behaviours which maps out your Active and Reactive psychological traits and catapults/catalyses  you on your path through life.

LifePrint is a fractal mathematical formula based on the work of Carl Jung, Douglas Forbes, Bruce Lipton and Nassim Haramein.  It can be used to decipher the unique personality and processing styles that were imprinted in you on the day of your birth and comprise your Unique Frequency or Connectome.

It is an exact science, used by individuals around the globe in order to better understand themselves and the people with whom they live and work.  The method has also been used by forensic detectives, psychologists, teachers, doctors and even accountants to gain insights and enhance their efficiency.

LifePrint is developed by Justin Damian Furness expanding on the work already done by Douglas Forbes – the use of the present tense here is deliberate as it is constantly evolving as Justin and his team make new observations, and discover more astonishing synchronizations within the scientific formula. By applying the principles of Sacred Geometry, physics, biogenetics, biomathematics, psychology and sociology to a persons date of birth, Justin has provided us with an analytical tool that can be used to guide a person through the journey of life, by imparting a greater understanding of the personality, how the individual interacts with others, and why they make the choices and decisions they do.  LifePrint takes us beyond both numerology and astrology, offering a more precise evaluation on several levels and through the natural cycles of life based on a Philosophy of Consciousness, Unification and a Holographic Universe.

LifePrint, while simple to use, has the potential to literally unlock the mystery of human behaviour. It has an important role to play within relationships, whether in the home or workplace, and amongst the young and old alike.

A personal analysis can be done either in physical consultation or via Skype or telephone.



2 Comments on “LifePrint

  1. Hi, Tracy Lester is my Body Talk Practitioner and today said I should do a single distance session soonest. Kindly advise how to proceed. Regards, Pierre

    • Hi Pierre thank you for getting in touch, I have connected with Chris and we have arranged an appointment for you; I’m excited to begin our journey together and look forward to meeting, connecting and sharing.

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