Business focused Distant Facilitation: Jacqueline, South Africa 2016

AWESOME playback… just finished listening to my session – thank you, thank you, thank you for being a part of my special and unique journey.  Appreciated the way you articulated the session without being physically present for the balance… enjoyed your sense of humour in parts of the balance. Great 1st experience – thanks 🙂 I look forward to my next balance – – with love and gratitude,


It is not an everyday occurrence that you receive information that changes your perception of the universe AND you are gifted with the tools that can change the lives and vibrations of people who cross your path. For the last two weeks I have been privileged to have been gifted with such knowledge and wisdom. Thank you Justin for your dedication and phenomenal wisdom which you shared unconditionally with is. We have grown exponentially and are changed forever. To my fellow seekers, I am in awe of your amazing unbounded potential, thank you for sharing your all. Caryn, Fatima, Akbar, Mr Aboo, Christine, Ruqaya, Madge, Fatima, Beate may we Tolerate, Respect & Love all Sentient beings
as we move through this life.

💜 💙

Tracy Jay Lester CBP


Life changing lesson #1 learnt on LifePrint -The Connectome of Life Course with Justin Damian Furness…. We are all unquestionably unique except for one thing, the infinite potential inside every one of us. To compare ourselves to others and try live in a world and society that dictates and judges us is not only ludicrous but detrimental to our very existence….

So blessed to have recieved a life changing session with Justin Damian Furness in Day 2 of the mind blowingly awesome LifePrint Course. Never have I reacted so strongly and felt so awesome afterwards!!! Transformation and healing at its max! Seminar Facilitation Integrating Higher-Self Consciousness… So sad LifePrint II the Connectome of Life Course with Justin Damian Furness has come to an end! Highly recommend this course to everyone wanting to change their lives! Justin, Tracy Jay Lester and Taryn Bruwer we simply must arrange next year’s course dates ASAP! !!

Christine Conradie SABA(South African BodyTalk Association) President CBP


Absolutely mind-blowing LifePrint level 2 class, truly was a deep dive…. With an Amazing Instructor Justin Damian Furness and fabulous group of students Tracy Jay Lester Christine Conradie Caryn Binneman Childs Fatima AbooFatima Bhikhoo Suliman Akbar Aboo !!!
Ruqaya Kalla CBP


Awesomeness, amazeballs, young people of south Africa creating synergies n vibrating n awesome frequencies thanks to an amazing instructor Justin Damian Furness n Tracey , Christine. U guys rock. Lots of love joy n light.luv u guys
Akbar Aboo


Participating in Justin’s LifePrint I & II courses has been like going on a magic carpet ride: it has taken me to unexpected and fascinating places and has been a learning curve of note. Viva Justin!

Madge Wulfsohn


Hi Justin,

Thank you for the amazing session. I felt such a difference afterwards, was able to complete my work with my head in the game!



Good evening Justine,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing session. I have gained much clarity and confidence in many areas that were confusing me. And I feel much lighter. May God bless you. Thank you.

Enjoy your evening.

Regards, Aamena



I have had 3 miracles happen in my life with the 4th one on it’s way. You are my 3rd. (my two sons before you). I am extremely blessed to have you in my life. I love, love , LOVE, your sessions.  I would like to take a master class with you with an overview of the BT protocol.  You have such a different perspective on how to use and navigate it.  It seems like the instructors that came to your half of the world had a different way of teaching it or you are brilliant at interpreting all the info that you receive in your life.

I am going to create a Justin Furness protocol for myself with all the links and awarenesses you have.


Thank you does not even cover what I have learned from you and what you have facilitated for me.

I am blessed to have you in my life, my journey and look forward to continued enlightenment and learning your approach to this energetic balancing.

Agi Papik CBP


Dear Justin,

I was having a lot of trouble with getting internet at our hotel in Greece. So I only heard my session last night.It was incredibly accurate. As though you could see into my heart of hearts for the last 55 years. I have always tried to rise above me need for recognition but it is a motivating force. I am glad to understand that it is an integral part of my journey. So I will not angst over that in the future. I would like to attend a class for a closer look at your life print methodology.

Lisa Schokking CBP


‪ Thanks Justin Damian Furness The session and personality outline were both amazing! I’m excited to see how things unfold over the next while. You include a tremendous amount of value and information in a session, which makes it exceptional value!!Knowing what’s “natural” behavior for my given lifeprint is really a gift. I would love to incorporate your system in my own practice. PLEASE come to Canada or USA and share your work!

Debbie Quigley CBP


‪ Thank you Justin for a fascinating glimpse into myself. A lot of the information I recognized as part of my astrological influences but the glimpses into my shadow areas was quite enlightening. LOL You mentioned things that I had experienced only a few times in my life but definitely helped color who I am now because I avoided situations that would trigger that kind of response/reaction. Thank you for pointing this out. Appreciated the associations to Sacred Geometry as it has always interested me and visualized the shapes and colors you referred to in the session. Love that you are using the Solfeggio frequencies and Sacred Geometry together. The Life Print and BodyTalk together is awesome and helps bring more consciousness into awareness and ways to bring balance. Again, thank you for your wonderful work.

Diannah Elizabeth Libby Benson CBP


‪ Thank you Justin for your amazing LifePrint and BodyTalk session. I’ve listened to your recordings a couple of times and I’ve been processing very deeply. Your LifePrint Analysis is very accurate and insightful. I can’t even highlight certain parts because it is all spot on.‪Your session hit upon stored emotions and other stuck energies that have been affecting me for my whole life until now. I’m looking forward to noticing results and I can feel changes in my physical being as well as my mindset already. LifePrint and BodyTalk seem to go hand-in-hand beautifully ❤

‪Lee Huntington CBP


‪ Thank you Justin for the truly amazing and very impressive session! Everything was spot on….. like you were a fly on the wall of my life observing all of my little idiosyncrasies…and even helped to fill in some blanks, enabling me to see the full picture and potential. The session was profound for me, as I have been struggling with next steps in various life aspects, and to receive insight with respect to my individual archetype was very helpful. I would definitely recommend taking advantage Justin’s very generous LifePrint/BT offering‪ 🙂 !!

‪Linda Hartman CBP, BAI


‪ Dear Justin – Thank you so much. I loved the session – it was incredibly clear, deep and insightful. LifePrint pairs so well with BodyTalk. Highly recommended.

Joseph Edward Briante


I just had a crazy great session with Justin Damian Furness. The shifts were during and following the session and now I feel blissful and giddy! Such a great feeling. I thoroughly enjoyed the information gained about LIfeprint and would love to see Justin come to teach in the NYC/ PHILA area. Give it a try especially while he has his special deal on the table.

Debra Donnally‪ CBP


 Right on! When are you coming to NYC Justin?! Let’s finish that conversation we started last year. ‪:)  ‪I have been loving how our LifePrint session helped clarify things for me so I could make some tough decisions. Priceless! And my meditations have been off the chain. ❤

Shelley Poovey‪ CBP, AdvCBP, PaRama BP


 This course was mostly for me. A personal growth. I got to know myself better. I can now tolerate, love, & respect others for who they are & myself for who I am. I feel that now I am in a better space to help others. Thank you sooooo much Justin. My soul needed this.

‪Shenaaz Khan‪ CBP


Aloha Justin 🙂
WOW !!! My session was amazing!!! – you described me perfectly – lol This is exactly the work I have searched for, for 15 years and finally found !!!
************************************ Pearls of Great Price*********************************
The day you did my session, I felt calm within myself that I didn’t have the feeling of the world on my shoulders 🙂 and a peace that my inspiration can be for myself and no one else –
P. Canada 2016
Thank you Justin……….. Brilliant session. I have listened to it once laying down and now in the next few days will listen to it again making notes. The reason I do this is that I like your style, especially emotional release, and I like to summarize potential links for my clients.
Everything was bang on.
Canada 2016
Justin words will not express…. I have had no more pain now for 2 weeks. Thank you
Switzerland 2016
Thank you Justin
WOW to you. You have a very gentle and kind voice.
Thank you very much for taking the time to facilitate the session.
This is so accurate.
Kind regards
A very excited Sharon, South Africa 2016
Hi Justin
Wow!!! That was fascinating. I thank you so much for your TIME, the recording, your advice and understanding. Despite the distance as well.
I definitely hope to have another session.
South Africa 2016
Hi Justin,
Wow, what can I say except thank you for the most amazing experience.
Last night around 8.30, I decided to listen to the facilitation you sent me. My husband was lying next to me on the bed, with the TV blaring and the fan whirring loudly. I could hear them despite having earphones. It was incredible! Despite all of that, the minute you switched from the Lifeprint to BodyTalk, I was energetically transported to you at the time you did the session. I felt every tap, and my body responded with the appropriate tingling, vibrations, gurgling and even gentle jerking (which is usually the way I shift energy faster).
I rarely remember my dreams, but last night they were vivid!
South Africa, 2016
Dear Justin,
my mum was again blown away by your session. Like the last time, you picked up all her trouble spots physically. The scar you referred to was her gunshot wound and when she was 56 she was rather down because my sister lost her first baby (she lived for 21 days) and it was an emotional roller coaster for all of us. My mum didn’t sleep well on Monday night after the first sub-session cos her leg was burning, especially the bullet shot wound but slept much better yesterday and isn’t in as much pain. She says she feels immediate results with your sessions and really appreciates them.
South Africa, 2016
Dear Justin,
Thank you for an amazingly wonderful session…I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.
Bilkees South Africa 2016
HI Guys
hope you guys are well in North Carolina. I wanted to share my experiences with you guys in regards to a new consciousness system that developed by a Bodytalker, Justin Furness. His system is called Lifeprint. I been working with this new understanding from his Lifeprint system and the only thing I can tell you is that, the level of awareness it brings on a personal level and to your clients is just profound. To compare, its what BodyEcology did to body chemistry is what lifeprint is doing to consciousness in terms of a structure in healing.
I would recommend at least getting in touch with Justin and have a chat with him on this profound offering. Sessions, based on this system, for me in person are having a huge impact on my development.
Knowing you guys are holding that matrix in NC, I felt that I needed to share this with you so that an opportunity may arise for you to experience this profound system.


Medical Diagnosis: Spina Bifida in Utero

If you are reading this then I can only imagine you have a difficult issue to deal with and are wondering whether Justin can help you.  For that I am sorry.  But it is incredible what can come of a tricky situation.  This was ours:

During pregnancy my 22 week scan revealed that our daughter had spina bifida.  It was a crashing blow at the time and I can’t explain the feeling of grief that came with the news.  I didn’t know where to go and what to do.  Some doctors were convinced that we should terminate the pregnancy, that the situation the baby would be born into would be too difficult for her to live a fulfilled life and that it would make our lives needlessly hard.  Thank goodness there were others that were of a sunnier disposition and on weighing up the options we were positive we could not terminate. And so began the research.

Doctors could tell from ultrasound scans that the impact of the lesion would be between L2 and L5.  They suggested that she would have no control of her bowel or bladder. They were fairly sure she would have no movement from her knees down, and some said from the hips.  She had bilateral club feet. Hydrocephalus would mean an enlarged head with possible brain damage.  Because of this the baby would probably not receive signals to be born and “most babies with spina bifida are born late”.  Plus I should probably have a C section to make things easier for the doctors.  Now just wait and see what you get.  “Thank you allopathic medicine, I just don’t think I will!”

Enter Justin.

With 5 weeks left to go we found someone that was willing to work with us BEFORE the birth to help our baby while she was still in the baby factory.  The first session was like listening to someone talk in English while using Klingon terminology!!  But I quickly figured out the gist of what it all meant, and it was totally fascinating how every path he took us down was so relevant and so perfectly suited to what my baby needed.  He took her back to when it all began and helped reorganize things.  He took her forward and helped prepare for what was to come.  He shook away the fear and concern and put my own thoughts back in order for me so that I could cope with it all.  Nothing was planned, everything was taken from our innate subconscious understanding of what was needed and his own ability to talk to our bodies.

A week early and very quickly, my baby was born…at home.  We didn’t have time to get to hospital!  Luckily we had a midwife that made it to us.  That day She had her first operation to close the lesion on her back.  Afterwards the surgeon told me he had removed a “tangle of nerves” that were not connected to anything.  I wonder whether they were the ones that were discarded after Justin’s re-calibration? Two weeks later she had an operation to put a shunt into her head to avoid hydrocephalus.  She has sensation almost the whole way down her leg. Club foot is on the mend and physiotherapists are amazed by how quickly she is improving.  The knees work.  No brain damage. Bladder seems to be working, bowel is definitely moving…she is amazing!

Ok it is early days, and there are more assessments to come later, but from the bleak and depressing news that we would have to terminate on medical grounds to the astonishing beauty that is my daughter…we have come a long way already.

I would wholeheartedly recommend that you let Justin help you if he can.  You have so much to gain.  I cannot believe how much he helped us.  All the best to you, and all our thanks and gratitude to Justin for everything he has done.

Kari – Kenya 2014


Diagnose: Prolapsed Uterus

Als ich 10 Tage nach der Geburt meines dritten Kindes meinen Gynäkologen mit starken Schmerzen aufsuchte, war ich nach der Diagnose total aufgelöst: Gebärmutterprolaps mit 32!!

Der Arzt verordnete mir einen Ring und meinte es sehe nicht gut aus. Sollte es nicht innert der nächsten Wochen eine Besserung geben, müsste man die Gebärmutter entfernen!

Nur schon wenige Stunden nach der Fernsession von Justin waren die Schmerzen deutlich zurück gegangen. Und es kam noch besser; 5 Tagen danach, bei der  Nachuntersuchung beim Gynäkologen, hatte die Gebärmutter wieder fast ihre ursprüngliche Position erreicht.

Heute (10 mte danach) ist alles am richtigen Ort und sogar mein Arzt ist darüber erstaunt.

Ausserdem konnte Justin meine Alkoholallergie mit nur einer Behandlung ausmerzen! Ich kann nun endlich – nach fast 5 Jahren – wieder ein Gläschen Wein geniessen…
Monica, Switzerland, 2013


Medical Diagnosis: Erectile Dysfunction(ED)
Difficult Activities: Sexual Performance and Self Confidence.

I am a 32 year male. Fit and Healthy today. After being in active addiction for 15 years of my life, little did I know that my using of narcotics would affect my libido and the blood circulation to my penis. At the age of 28, I suffered from erectile dysfunction.  The symptoms of ED causes  a male difficulty in maintaining an erection as there is not sufficient blood circulation to penis.

There is allot of anxiety and frustration that goes along with this. I resorted to prescribed medication which treated the problem on a surface level however the core was only dealt with when I was introduced to BodyTalk. BT really helped me and I could feel a remarkable change after only two sessions. my confidence levels increased and my libido was back to normal. After a few months my wife and I had our baby girl.

Thanks to Justin Furness and the Body Talk healing modality. The treatment restored my life and confidence.

Anonymous – 32yrs –  March 2012 Western Cape, 2011


Medical Diagnosis: Sciatica since the age of 12
Difficult Activities: Sleeping, moving, walking, sitting pretty much everything.

“Hi Justin, how you. Wanted to let you know that I’ve had no pain for the last weeks! I can sleep with no pain too! And even after a rigorous shoot and sore legs from running about, no pain. My cat is also eating like a horse and is very happy and demanding! Am planning to give some light yoga a go this weekend. Watch this space. Hope all good with you.”

Kim – 38yrs – Western Cape, 2012


Medical Diagnosis: Depression, Anxiety, Fear and Paranoia following Physical and Sexual Attack

Testimonial: Sessions with Justin 2010

I went to see Justin after seeing a FaceBook conversation in which BodyTalk was mentioned. I had been trying to heal myself for 3 years after being attacked on the mountain while walking my dog. During the 3 years I had also had therapy with a psychologist after the attack, tranquilisers, anti-depresants and various medical treatments from the doctor, herbal preparations from a naturapath, massage, retail therapy ;o), going to the movies for escapism (once a week), thinking about and reliving what happened, sleeping (lots), etc all at different times trying to heal and get over the trauma. I had been stabbed and molested, and due to the attack felt very depressed at no longer having the freedom and peace of walking in the forest, as I was too afraid to go there by myself. After the attack, for the 3 years I had been battling with depression, frustration, eating badly to comfort myself, gaining weight and becoming more depressed, I also had feelings of fear and guilt which disturbed my digestive system and ability to relax, and gave me dreadful stomach acid and misery. I had been making slow progress healing, but it was a very slow process, and by the time I went to see Justin, I was becoming quite desperate. The panic and misery I felt just hung on and seemed to follow me everywhere, no matter what I did to get rid of it. During the 3 or so sessions I had with Justin, I felt very strange afterwards – like cotton-wool headed, almost drugged. It’s hard to explain exactly what had happened in the sessions or afterwards, as I don’t know quite how the process works. It wasn’t exactly comfortable dealing with the negativity locked up inside my body, soul and mind, and after the third session, I felt so disturbed I came home and got into bed. A short time after trying to rest, I felt this huge primal anger rising up in me and wanted to scream with fury. I grabbed my pillow and stuffed it in my face and allowed the anger to surface and leave me. After that I can honestly say much of the fear, guilt and misery after being attacked left me for good. As a person who hates and fears negative emotions, I think I had been bottling up and repressing stuff which was why I couldn’t heal. Going to see Justin enabled me to move that black heavy energy out of my body, and after that I turned a corner and have been living a normal life again. I still get stressed about certain things, and remain careful about crime and safety, but I have been able to enjoy and become active in my life again. I probably would have done well to have more sessions with Justin as a follow-up, but financially could not afford to. However, the sessions I did manage to have with him facilitated a turning point in my recovery, for which I am extremely grateful.

– Muriel Cape Town, 2009


Medical Diagnosis: 3 Breast Tumours

Justin heLOWA it’s gr8 2 read your Biography  SO EXCITING GR8 ENERGY!!! Since I had my session with you friends say I’m looking younger!!  ))) You removed one of my breast lumps, reduced the other HEEHAAAA YEE that’s the way we LIKE it!!!!:))))))))))) You said I would feel a temp/heat that night, got back to the farm RAGING FIRE, SERIOUS with a HECTIC South Easter, mm every fire engine available was here. I realized I cod lose all material things that night, the horses, all other animals were our focus!!! Yes so I sure felt the HEAT that night, very cleansing. I have many friends very excited to see you. Happy holiday c u in 2012. Groovy vibrations & celebrations.

Love & Light Trish 2011, December 3rd


Medical Diagnosis: Healing Crisis (complex and multiple symptoms)

“When I first started seeing Justin for BodyTalk, I was in the middle of a devastating healing crisis. I had severe eczema covering 80% my of body.  My hair was falling out. I just wanted to jump out of my body. I had recurring bladder infections and breathing problems. I was extremely depressed, had lost my sense of self-esteem and I was barely functional. As a healer and energy worker for many years, none of the normal routes I had taken for self-healing in the past were working. Diet changes, supplement therapy, acupuncure, meditation, and other healing modalities could give me only minimal relief. I had become so sensitive to my surroundings and allergic to my environment that I was at my wits end. I look back on those challenges and realize how far I’ve come and I have Justin to thank for his incredible insight, skills, and dedication to helping others heal. Justin’s work helped me return back to my happier, healthier self!”

-Vanessa Nova, Performer, Artist & New Paradigm Facilitator, vanessanova.net


Hey Justin

I’m excited, I feel life where before I felt death. (serious!!) Will try not to over-analyse, and just get on and enjoy what is starting to feel wonderful again. I am one of those people who hold on to stuff with a death-grip ;o) and love to over-analise (note spelling) things to death !!

Not going to !!


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